Hire And Electric Bike

Currently (February 2022) we are reviewing how the Electric Bike Network will run in the future. At the moment bikes are unfortunately not available to hire. 

When you hire our electric bikes you will be provided with helmet, pannier (bike saddle bag), a high visibility vest, a bike lock and a mobile phone which will allow you to contact the hire point or our break-down and recovery service should you need it. You will also be given a power cable for the removable battery if you are going on a longer journey. Read some electric bike reviews here.

You must be 14 or over to ride an electric bike in the UK

Need a quick rundown of what you're getting when you rent an electric bike from us? Great. We've got some electric bikes to check out! We've gathered a list of the best electric bike route ideas and rides in the Pennines area, so check them out and let us know which one you prefer. Our electric bikes are great because….the Pennines has a number of routes at different levels of difficulty to suit all ages 14+ and abilities.

We love to travel and it's a passion of ours to ride electric bikes off-road. We have created this page to share our love of electric bikes and to show you how much fun you can have when you take an electric bike for a spin. If you want to read electric bike reviews then take a look at the link in the sentence prior to this one, you'll find all kinds of different electric bike models and ratings, they really are a great way to see what's available before you go ahead and make your decision on what sort of electric bike is right for your needs.

Hiring an electric bike is great way to enjoy a day in the countryside. You will be able to cover more ground than you would if you were on foot and you don't need to worry about how fast you can ride up hills. Our electric bikes are also fun for people of all ages as they are easy to use even for a young child that is comfortable on a normal bike.

Ride an electric bike with us today on one of our Pennines Day Routes and we'll give you a FREE map detailing all the sights, attractions and places to dine, drink and stay along the way.