Our bikes

Our Bikes

Currently (February 2022) we are reviewing how the Electric Bike Network will run in the future. At the moment bikes are unfortunately not available to hire. 

We have a fleet of 28 electric bikes, 3 different models are available to hire: A2B Ferber, and KTM fun and macina cross 8.

The Ferber and Fun bikes have a step over frame, and the macina cross 8 has a cross bar frame. All are easy to ride with comfortable saddles.

The bikes have a motor on the rear hub which is powered by a battery on the rear carrier. The battery is locked in place during the ride, and you can unlock and remove the battery should you need to take it inside to recharge it.

These bikes have a torque sensor which means that they detect the pressure on the pedal and respond in kind with power – the harder you pedal the more assistance you get. This makes for a smooth assisted ride which feels very much like riding a conventional bike but with someone giving you a push when you most need it.