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Welcome to the North Pennines Electric Bike Network

Currently (February 2022) we are reviewing how the North Pennines Electric Bike Network will run in the future. At the moment bikes are unfortunately not available to hire.

While the North Pennines Electric Bike Network are under consultations why not consider buying your own electric bike. We have looked at a wide range of reivews of electric bikes, from folding electric bikes to electric road bikes.

We have been looking at the North Pennines Electric Bike Network in extensive details. While the consultations are ongoing, we can all make our own mind up on these electric bicycle infrastructure, by buying one yourselves. Who knows what the future will bring, so it makes sense to start considering this option now.

Electric Bike Reviews

We would like it if you would consider purchasing your own electric bike, we have read may reviews of electric bikes and came to the conclusion a motor is essential for biking. We do know that you could use a regular bike, but an electric motor will make your trip much more enjoyable.  

We have read many reviews of electric bikes, and check them all out every year. This will be an enormous time saver for you, as they can range anywhere from 20-50 miles per charge depending on the model. You will find yourself getting more exercise, enjoying biking to work and school with your friends and family, or going on bike excursions to new areas near and far away. The best part (aside from the exercise) is that you can cruise around with minimal effort because electric bikes are so efficient. Do we sound excited? Because we are!

There is no better way to explore some of the north of England’s most stunning moorland and dales landscape than on two wheels. Whether you’re looking for a day out with a difference or a healthy alternative to the car while on holiday, electric cycle hire could be for you. Get cycling with assistance!

Electric Bike Reviews

If you are looking to buy our first electric bike, and a lot of research has led us to believe that the Swifty Liberte Folding Electric might be the best choice for the commuter. Being new riders, we're here to provide some insight for those who are also new to the world of Swifty ebikes. Swifty Electric Bikes are budget and might be a good starting point. Read the Swifty Liberte Electric Bike Review to find out if this folding Electric bike from Swifty will suit your needs.

Have you ever thought about buying an electric bike? If so, it is crucial that you read our electric bike reviews to learn more about these products. Even if you are not interested in purchasing an electric bike, the following electric bike reviews can provide useful information that could be used for future reference.